Intuitive Body Works

My name is Dr. Mary Seman.  My intuitive gifts and healing hands were passed down to me from my grandfathers.  By combining eastern and western healing modalities, I can help you reclaim your power and clarity.

My tools include:
- Reiki
- Brain Gym
- Acupressure
- Intuitive Healing
- The Emotion Code
- Guided Self Healing
- KHT (Koryo Hand Therapy)
- EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
- EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization              Reprogramming)

Dr Mary Seman
3744 Mt. Diablo Blvd.
Suite 204
Lafayette, CA 94549
(925) 451-4010

My Work
Genological Patterns/ Soul Patterns

Changing family patterns that you grew up with can be painful and at times a difficult process. (It can be like going up a steep hill with an entire village on your back).

Sometimes one person in a family system is “chosen” to lead the way for the entire family. Someone greater than us (Universe, God, Buda, Allāh...) chooses us to be that person and we (the chosen person) has had a hand in that decision process. Whether we believe it or not, we choose what we want to learn on this earth before we are born to the parents and the family we incarnate to. We are not victims to this role but a full participant in this process. We just have to remember that something bigger than us is assisting us in our personal growth. 

YOU, the “chosen person”, may make you feel burdened to have to do everything on your own. This can cause you to feel resentful and like a victim in your circumstance. The environment you are in is a reflection of this negative inner belief.

This belief and feeling may be a geological pattern that was passed down from generation to generations; an energetic blueprint of your parent or relative. You can accept this way of being in the world or you can change your reality by taking a stand for yourself and say, "I am no longer going to live this way"; "I chose a life I want to live vs the life that was paved before me".

When you chose to be different or have things play out in a different manner, it can feel like fighting a one person war. This can be exhausting and disempowering to choose to let go and be free, and I will show you how.