I am a new client of Dr. Mary, but just in two visits she has relieved and healed some very deep problems I have been carrying with me for over 50 years. She really understands my body, my past and is helping me sort out my future, while training me how to take care of myself. I feeling very grateful that I met Dr. Mary and that I am in her care. She has been wonderful to me, as I go through some very tough times in my life. If you put your faith in her healing hands I am sure she could help you too!
-Terry B.
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I have been going to see Dr. Mary Seman to heal from the sudden death of my husband.  I got more than I ever expected from my sessions.  I have healed things from my past, most that were unseen by me, that have been preventing me from loving myself fully and welcoming love into my life again on the level that I desire.  Dr. Mary has helped me find a true inner peace.
Jeannine Kaiser

March 25, 2012

For the last couple of weeks my kids and I have been working with
Dr. Mary Seman. In every session I am impressed and touched about her gifted sensitiveness to feel intern family patterns and her ability to release these. This makes our lives much more joyful and relaxes our togetherness.


March 25, 2012

As a medical doctor I am aware of Western and Eastern medical treatments and I belief that combining both brings perfect healing to body and mind. Mary conjoins different techniques with a consistent intuition and therefore deeply heals her clients at a cellular level. She is doing a wonderful and stupendous work.

Dr. Ute Haase

March 25, 2012

Mary has an incredibly unique gift. It is almost too hard to describe unless you experience it for yourself. Mary can feel the energy people harbor and why. With that she is able to help others from their point of view. Her therapy sessions are about recognizing the root of the issue, to heal the way it affected you and empowers you to move forward. She opens your mind to new paths of thinking and is ok with whatever works for you. Seeing Mary changed my life, I am so thankful for what I have discovered and learned in our sessions!

Gina De Tomasi

March 25, 2012

I have been seeing Mary for over seven years now. I had know idea what to expect when I first went to see her. I knew nothing of energy balancing and the healing properties it maintains. I had no serious "issues" in my life but realized how wonderful and lighter I felt afterwards.  Working more with Mary, I was able to work on releasing old patterns and finding a more relaxed and healthier place to be in mind and body. Mary has also been a positive resource for my family and for so many of my friends and acquaintances.  I feel very fortunate to have found her and benefit from her special gift.


March 25, 2012

Dr. Mary Seman is such a gift to me. I don't know where I would be without her. I have recently gone through a very difficult break up. Just after a few visits I have "woken up", and I am ready to move forward with my life. Her ability to release pain and blocked energy amazes me. I am fascinated by her spot on intuition and her gift to free spiritual imprints. She not only has been able to help me with my heartbreak but she has also relieved foot and wrist pain that I have had for years. She is a blessing and I love that Mary is in my life. This has been the most effective therapy that I have ever received. I am grateful for her work on me and for the skills that she teaches me during each session to access my potential. I can definitely say that she has changed my life.

-Kelley Denison

March 25, 2012

Mary Seman does what no other therapist can do. In traditional therapy, the therapist waits for the patient to speak, to reveal what is bothering them. Mary reads not only what you say, but also your energy, which allows her to cut to the heart of the problem. Even if you won’t say it, she knows intuitively where the problem lies, and will ask all the right questions. She creates a secure environment where you can confront any problem honestly. Beyond the benefits of simply discussing the matter, Mary helps alleviate the emotional or physical traces of the problem. In a session with Mary, you relieve your emotional stress or trauma, learn techniques to cope and ameliorate your problems, and return your body to a state of calm. You leave knowing more about yourself and your tendencies. I would highly recommend Mary. I have been with her for almost 10 years and she has truly helped me grow and deal with the punches that life can throw.  With Mary’s help and techniques, I feel I can handle anything thrown my way.


March 25, 2012
I cannot more highly recommend Dr. Mary Seman for her caring and extremely effective modalities of healing.  Dr. Seman was able to aptly locate, assess and release my energetic blocks created from childhood trauma, past-life trauma and genealogical patterns passed down throughout generations in my family.  I came to Mary at a time in my life that was deeply painful.  I had tried everything.  Mary helped me transform the following health problems where others had failed. Through her collaborative efforts, I lost 30 pounds and directly addressed and resolved my destructive emotional eating patterns. I also released a 10 to 12 a day twenty-year diet soda addiction and healed a deeply troubled marriage.  Through Mary’s kind and compassionate application of intuitive healings, my life has changed dramatically for the better.  She has been able to lift the veil of my own shortcomings and limitations and has helped reveal the essential me for which I am deeply grateful!
San Francisco

March 25, 2012

I first attended Mary’s workshop when I was in fifth grade in order ‘fix my aversion to playing and practicing piano.’ This was at least what my mom told me. Whatever the real reason, I am so thankful that I started attending her workshops. Now as a client of roughly 8 years, I cannot say where I would be without her. 
In my younger years, I remember feeling that after every session a ton of bricks had been lifted off my chest. As the years passed, these deep-rooted problems became more superficial and I was able to carry this feeling of weightlessness in to my every day course of action. Life presents us with certain stresses that are uncontrollable and Mary helped me gain perspective on this truth and learn ways to heal my body. Through attending sessions with Mary I was able to become more in touch with myself, gain insight in to other people and learn how to unpack and heal my own problems.
Mary was able to help me through every stage of my life. She advised me through the awkward stages of middle school, the tension of high school, and the uncertainty and uncomfortably of my freshman year at college. No problem or predicament ever felt stupid. Aside from the negative energy that Mary can release and the thoughtful wisdom that she shares, she ultimately helped realize what I can do and how much of my life I can control.

March 28, 2012

Mary exudes warmth and positive energy. Her integrative approach to healing, combined with her insight make her an invaluable component to the individual healing process. Mary has helped support each member of my family both individually and as a whole as we suffered through the loss of loved ones as well as facing the challenges that exist in navigating the transition between childhood and adolescence. Mary is extraordinary. We feel fortunate that our lives led us to her.

Wendy and John McClain
March 28, 2012

Dr. Seman played a major role in helping me recover from panic attacks and anxiety. She was more effective in my healing process than traditional therapy.  She has taught me to trust, love and honor myself.  I have referred over a dozen people to her that all had different issues ranging from depression, stomach pain, back pain, or relationship problems.  Everyone of those people have told me that she changed their lives.  She has a unique gift to offer the world.  I feel so lucky to have her as a resource in my life.

Angela S.
March 27, 2012

Dear  Friend,

If you are reading this, you have already discovered Mary Seman.   I say discovered because she is a true treasure.  By way of explanation, let me tell you my story.

I’m a widow of seven years with two challenging, adopted sons.  Both boys were adopted at birth, but they couldn’t be more different.  My older boy is of Swedish ancestry and is very introverted.  He has ADD, without hyperactivity.  The death of my husband affected him profoundly, despite years of therapy, and pushed him into a state of depression.  There he was in senior year in a high-pressure public school struggling with his feelings and his difficultly with academics.   He resisted private school education and instead engaged in risk taking behaviors.  My younger son is a bombastic child of Italian descent.  He was born with a VSD and required open-heart surgery at the age of three months.   He has severe ADHD along with other processing issues making learning very difficult. He has to function in a private school setting to get the academic and social support needed to learn, Last spring I was advised that a boarding school for children with learning disabilities would be the best environment for his high school years. 

The boys were 18 and 14 last spring and I felt that our world was coming apart, Our home had turned into a battleground, Risky behavior was escalating, school choices for the following year were murky for both of them and common ground was nowhere in sight.   Without family, I turned to friends for advice.  Mary Semen was the answer I was told.  Neither boy wanted to see another counselor, but agreed to see Mary because she was going to approach things differently. 

The only way I can describe what she did for us is to say that she healed us.  We are all still works in progress, but she saved my family last spring.  We met as a group and individually for several months.  She respected the boys privacy but also gave me direction how to handle their feelings.  She quickly assessed the issues, built bridges of communication and literally changed the dynamics of our home.  She is a psychologist by education but I would say that her gift is more intuitive.  She works with energy and has the ability to tune into a person’s psyche for the purposes of healing.  She can read a situation (and not in some hocus pocus sort of way, but in a pragmatic, concrete manner) and then dispense sensible advice.  On a spiritual level she somehow reaches the pain and helps release it.  Once released, we were open to new connections with each other.  Realize that we had all been in and out of therapy for over seven years.  We were able to shift our problems through Mary’s help within a couple of months. 

Results?  The boys and I have much more peaceful, respectful and loving relationships.   Both boys are in schools appropriate for their situations and both are doing well.   While we could have flown apart, we have instead come closer together.  It is not only gratifying to see my relationships with them improve, but also see the relationship with each other become so caring.  I attribute this change to them of course, but also to Mary who showed us how to do it and healed us so it was possible.

I would highly recommend Mary’s help for several reasons.  Not only is she effective, but she also has a high degree of integrity.  She is honest and direct.  She will answer questions without playing games.  She is also caring.  She squeezed us into her schedule because she knew we were in melt down despite her waiting list and her busy schedule.  But she doesn’t make herself a crutch.  She is not a traditional therapist and doesn’t suggest week after week of therapy to talk things over.  Instead, she gets right to the point and heals people and shows them how to heal themselves.  I think she is gifted, unique and thoroughly effective…and she genuinely cares.

Donna Homer

March 25, 2012

I want to start by THANKING Mary for helping me see and think about myself…my alive, living, true self! 

It is thanks for my session with Mary I was able to get in touch with my emotions.  Personally I take on others emotions and in time those emotions that don't belong to me wear me down and inhibit me from taking on my own emotions.  This eventually makes me angry with myself.  Mary allowed me to get in touch with these emotions and forgive myself for being angry.  To trust and accept myself.  To feel alive and passionate.  It's hard to explain because it is a lot of feelings and emotions for me and my feelings and emotions are unique to me.  Mary has allowed me to get in touch with these emotions that have always been within me…the emotions that make me who I am.  She has helped me to forgive, trust, accept and believe in myself!  It hasn't come at a small price & I didn't expect it to.  It has taken me a great deal of strength but thats ok because I am strong and I can be strong.  That is in me…she can feel it and thanks to her I can to!

So many emotions she picked up on during our session have made more sense to me as I left her office and the days go on.  I find myself smiling unconditionally, indulging in the actions and emotions that make me truly happy, blocking out others emotions that I don't need to deal with.  I am enjoying these wonderful feelings that have always been a part of me that I lost touch with for one reason or another…but I have found myself again and I know its just the beginning.

I am very grateful for Mary's work and I recommend her to everyone I know.  Thank you!

Kathy Bunfill

March 24, 2010

I have been going to see Mary Semen to heal from the sudden death of my husband.  I got more than I ever expected from my sessions.  I have healed things from my past, most that were unseen by me, that have been preventing me from loving myself fully and welcoming love into my life again on the level that I desire.  Mary has helped me find a true inner peace. 

Jeannine Kaiser
March 25, 2012

So where to begin...WOW!  First off, you are AMAZING!  Meeting you and this whole experience has completely changed my life for the BETTER.  I feel like I am finally awake, alive and I have arrived.  I just feel REALLY GOOD...I am open, happy, strong and just cannot stop smiling.  Words cannot describe how GREAT I am feeling and how exciting and liberating this journey of healing has been. 

I cannot tell you how much better I am feeling overall in all aspects of my life, involving friendships, relationships, my health and work.  It is as if I can breathe again.  You have helped make me a better person, mother, sister, daughter, friend, co worker, and lover.  I feel like I am actually living versus just existing in this life.  You have changed my life and I am forever grateful!  I honestly cannot tell you enough how much appreciate everything you have done for me and how I look forward to this new chapter of my life.

Thank you Mary!

Kimberly Bunfill

April 15, 2012

I'm not sure where to begin when it comes to Mary, except to say that she is a  life changer. I started seeing her for depression and she has helped me in all areas of my life. She's like a bloodhound when it comes to finding the root of any issue, be it mental, emotional, or energetic. Mary has helped me to understand what it means to be an empath and how to survive in the everyday world without being overwhelmed. I use the tools she has given me every single day and have made sessions with her a priority. Our sessions are always relaxing and even fun, and I always leave feeling light, happy, and capable of  doing anything I've ever dreamed of. She definitely has an other-worldly gift and is using it for the highest good of other people. I sometimes apologize to her for all the issues I drag in with me and she always makes me feel safe and comfortable. She truly is a light worker and I'm very grateful to have found her! 

Rebecca La Fleur